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Why Penguins in sweaters?

Пингвины в свитерах

How often do you see animals in sweaters or special clothes, probably not, unless the dog in the yard. With regards to the penguins in sweaters answer is the same, where you can often hear the answers to the question why the penguin bird or why penguins do not fly. And many think that the penguins wear sweaters for the wicked jokes. But this is not so in this article we will respond to the unexpected and terribly interesting question: Why do penguins in sweaters?

It is unlikely that you will easily be able to answer this question, you will get over a lot of answers, but only one will be correct. Penguins in sweaters - it's not for fun. Clothes need birds rescued from the water, where there was a leak of oil and oil products.

If penguin suffered from oil, it is dressed in sweater, so he stopped to clean their feathers, and that it does not freeze, because oil destroys the natural oils in the impregnation plumage, which is naturally warm bird. Clothing also makes penguins poisoned by oil and as soon as they washed and cleaned, a sweater thrown away.

And it is not notions. For example, just a couple of years ago, in 2010, in early October the coast of Tauranga was an accident - pollution by oil products. Once in the oil spill, penguins poisoned by oil, doing cleaning feathers. To save the animals received hundreds of ecologists and volunteers who helped to protect the birds, putting them colorful and very cute sweater. Thanks to this action were saved thousands of penguins that people are grateful for the help, saving the lives of their own and fix the same mistakes.

Another interesting story from sweaters for penguins in oil spill occurred years earlier, when the manufacturer Benetton fashion took up the order from the Department of the UN, responsible for protecting the environment and saving endangered species. Just a couple of weeks, the story was publicized, and people from around the world began to send connected manually "pingvinichi" sweaters. So for a month in the UN headquarters was sent more than 12,000 original sweaters for different species of penguins from the famous Emperor penguin and ending Lesser cute penguins.

In summary, we note that the purpose is to save the animal sweater from people who do not think about the environment and the possible destruction of a species, which is very fond of children and older generation.

Thus, a sweater for a penguin is the salvation of human error and the negative effects of the neglect of environmental ecology, usually in the conduct of a person, no matter what that may be of economic and industrial activities.

Earth - our home! Let us keep this in mind and make it clean and green!

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