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Absorptive mat, 2.0m x 0.6m

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  • Для ликвидации нефти и нефтепродуктов
    For spill elimination of oil and petroleum products


Absorptive hydrophobic mat of polypropylene for collection of oil / petroleum products spills on land and water.
Length 2.0 meters, width 0.6 meters.


Absorptive hydrophobic mats are used for the collection and containment of oil / petroleum products spills. Mats can localize spills when put on the spaces of technology drains / sinks. Mats can be placed under permanent or possible spills, for example, under the barrel that can be leaky, under the equipment, which can drip with oil. Absorptive mats are designed for continuous and long-term period of collection. Absorptive mat changes to a new one after its complete filling. It provides a permanent collection and advanced treatment at a spill site to keep place clear.

This product can be successfully applied by oil-producing organizations, and oil refineries, industrial facilities, gas stations, tank farms, car service centers, air and sea ports, sea and river vessels, for oil loading stations and other facilities related to the traffic of oil and petroleum products.


- high rate of sorption;
- work on water and land;
- hydrophobic (the ability to work on the principle of the filter);
- the possibility of regeneration material (can be used several times)





Absorbing capacity (for crude oil)

Absorptive mat

2.0m х 0.6m

2.4 kg

19.9 kg


The speed of absorption, minutes, max:
- for light fractions 0.5
- for heavy fractions 1.2
Water absorption, g/g, not less than 0.15
Floatation: stable in the upper layer


Products made from nonwoven thermally bonded fabric laminated, made from molten polypropylene technology "Meltblown" Multilayer fibrous material is obtained by thermal bonding.

Recycling and waste

A material of item from non-woven fabric is recovered not more than 5 times on a squeezing mechanical device. Non-woven fabric is recovered with device "Fakel", designed to burn products contaminated with oil formed during the work associated with the elimination of oil spills.

Packaging and Storage

Products are packaged in the p/e bag or carton boxes.
The manufacturer guarantees the quality of the material and its products with the technical conditions (TC) within 12 months from date of manufacture under the conditions of transportation and storage.


Absorptive means based on non-woven polymer material are had the following approval documents:
- Technical conditions (TC);
- Sanitary-Epidemiological Conclusion (SES);
- Certificate of Conformity.

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