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Chemical spill kits (for acids, alkalis, mercury, etc)

  • Для ликвидации нефти и нефтепродуктов
    For spill elimination of oil and petroleum products
  • Для ликвидации органических химических веществ
    For spill elimination of organic chemicals
  • Для ликвидации агрессивных химических веществ и жидкостей
    For spill elimination of hazardous chemicals
  • Для ликвидации и нейтрализации ртути
    For spill elimination and neutralization of mercury

Chemical spill kit SKA-30 (laboratory)

A special kit of emergency response for spill elimination of chemical aggressive substances (acids, alkalis, mercury, organic chemicals, oil, petroleum products, etc.) in the workplace and in the laboratory.

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