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Why Penguins in sweaters?

Пингвины в свитерах

How often do you see animals in sweaters or special clothes, probably not, unless the dog in the yard. With regards to the penguins in sweaters answer is the same, where you can often hear the answers to the question why the penguin bird or why penguins do not fly. Full text.


Environmental protection - simply, reliably and efficiently

Manufacturing enterprises in all spheres of activity every day in their work decide issues of labor protection and the environment.

That allows you to:

- minimize the risk of accidents, as well as their subsequent negative impacts on humans and the environment;
- act in accordance with the laws of the Russian Federation;
- conduct activities in accordance with international standards of occupational health and environmental safety;
- keep clean production areas, jobs;
- address the current contamination.

Terra Ecology helps you do it:

SIMPLY - the use of our products is assumed in current manufacturing processes of your company.

RELIABLY - the quality of our products checked up many of our customers and proven specialized institutes and competent laboratories.

EFFICIENTLY - maximum effect with minimum cost (best ratio quality/price in our products).

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Our clients

During its activity company Terra Ecology has strengthened its reputation as a reliable participant on the market of environmental solutions, with sufficient capacity, stable and long-term clientele, the organized delivery technologies. Company thanks its partners for their attention and hopes for further mutually beneficial cooperation!

About spill elimination of oil and petroleum products

Nothing could be better than elimination of environmental disasters by natural care. We all know that the poured oil kills all living things on earth or in water. Humanity must not allow such incidents, recognizing that habitat is main wealth. However, oil spills do occur for a variety of reasons, and these oil stains should be eliminated without a trace.
The preferred here to use sorbents such adsorbents and absorbents. Oil sorbents - high-performance materials whose function is to clean up soil and water from petroleum products. Due to its hygroscopic microstructure, porosity and large specific surface area sorbent absorbs the oil from all landscape, whether it's water , soil or bogs. Cleaning by the sorbent brings great benefits during elimination of accident. Cleaning of industrial areas from oil and petroleum products is a must and buying of oil absorbent is quite simple. You just enter in the search engine "buy absorbent" and you will find the site of Terra Ecology at the first position. Now the world is distributed various types of sorbents that are created for different purposes - cleaning of the place of disaster, cleaning of water or caustic (poisonous substances). Stamps of the adsorbent, as well as an absorbent, are different: carbon sorbent, fibrous sorbents, polymeric sorbents, carbon fiber sorbents, sorbent USVR, sorbent ODM, bioactive and chelating sorbents. The price of sorbents may be very different. The cost of the sorbent depends on their composition and purpose. Technology of production of sorbents also plays a role.

Absorbent and adsorbent
What is different between absorbents and adsorbents?
Adsorbent is a substance which is characterized by the physical process of absorption of surface attraction (adsorbents usually have high specific surface). The most common adsorbents are active (activated) carbons of different brands. But Absorbent is materials, which is characterized by a diffusion process of absorbing all of its volume.
Natural adsorbents and absorbents are used by industrial companies with earned popularity due to its high efficiency. The price of a sorbent for oil produced from natural materials such as peat moss, well below the prices of chemicals and other sorbents, thus sales of sorbent materials such does not cause appreciable impact on budget of buying organizations. Modern quality sorbents, usually constructed on the basis of peat used for legitimate purposes, compressed into patent fuel, or as a result of biodegradation, whose period is about 120 days, used natural absorbent is converted to agricultural peat.
The company Terra Ecology is actively introduction to market of environmental protection, integrated technology solutions based on the use of natural materials. The company TerraEcology solves environmental issues and presents a series of sorbents for oil spills and petroleum products under the brands «Spill-Sorb» and also «spill kits» that are based on environmentally friendly materials - peat, and using all of its unique properties in the area of sorption of substances. The main advantages of the absorbent «Spill Sorb» (or as some write "SpillSorb") and is the ability to biodegrade absorbed hydrocarbons and the absence of desorption. On the basis of a sorbent designed "spill kit" - a kit for instant response elimination of oil, petroleum products and chemicals spills.
At present the company Terra-Ecology has a high reputation in a number of organizations supplying ecological protection, according to its reliability, as well as a leading supplier of high-sorbing substances, including oil sorbent SpillSorb, providing its products to major oil producing, petrochemical, metal processing and engineering companies from all regions of Russia. Among the users of absorbent Spill-Sorb and the other company's products can be called oil and gas companies: OJSC LUKOIL, OJSC Rosneft, OJSC TNK-BP, OJSC Surgutneftegas, OJSC RussNeft, OJSC Slavneft, OJSC Bashneft, OJSC Gazprom Neft and many other famous enterprises.

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